Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Iceland day three: LAZYTOWN STUDIOS

During my week in Iceland, I am staying with Stefan Karl and his family. I first met Stefan in 2010, and having worked with Stefan for nearly 5 years, I have come to know him only as 'The Grinch'. The man behind the green. 

But, he is so much more than that. SO MUCH. I had an idea prior through stories and watching a few episodes on TV, but I had no idea how awesome his other job was. If you didn't know, he is one of the leading stars of Nickelodeon's "LAZYTOWN", a show that promotes good health and exercise to kids. 

The over-the-top hilarious villain in the show, Robbie Rotten, is played by the undeniably talented Stefan. Who sometimes, I can't believe is my good friend. I have always looked up to his talent, honesty, and artistry, but mostly he has my utmost respect for being an amazing human being. He is extraordinary in every way, as well as each member of his beautiful family, who I consider my family.

Today, we went to the television studio of "Lazytown" which films in Reykjavik. 
It was truly an honor to see Stefan's other world and experience his stardom. I got an all access tour of the entire studio

One of the largest green screens in Europe.

Robbie Rotten's home.

The stand in's. 

Prosthetic chin.

Prosthetic eyebrows.

His makeup chair!

Swinging on for Robbie Rotten? I'm ready!

You make the caption for this picture.

Stefan is literally everywhere!

The man behind all the music of the show. 

CGI editors. 

New memorabilia for 2014.

Costumes of Robbie Rotten. 

Awards and recognition.

It was absolutely thrilling to be in the midst of post-production of his show. Editors were editing, music was being in putted, CGI and promotion, etc. Just witnessing an entirely different type of production and how it works was fascinating. I hope one day I get to work as a reoccurring actor in a tv series like Stefan does.

Thank you so much to the team at "LAZYTOWN" for being extremely welcoming and educational.  And a huge thanks to Stefan for my VIP tour, and my script as a souvenir. I was left inspired. 

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