Thursday, April 3, 2014

Iceland Day 4: Downtown Reykjavik

With my best girl Briet, I spent the day as a typical Icelander. Exploring the culture and town of Reykjavik, I am taken aback. The mom and pop cafés, the second hand thrift stores, the art and the people. I am in Nordic fashion hipster world. I am falling so deeply in love with this country. 

Waffle with green gojiberry tea.

Iceland is such a safe place that people leave their strollers outside shops. With the baby still in it.

Street art and the Laundromat Café. Literally the cutest place on earth.

And then we went to the Penis museum. The only one on in the world!

(Apparently they trapped Elf penis.)

The heir of the museum. His grandpa came up with the idea and created the museum. 

Of course, Briet and I thought it was only fitting that after seeing all of the artifacts and dozens of shlongs from around the world, we would finish our day with a visit to Iceland's world famous hot dog stand.

"Bæjarins beztu"

This is the tiniest stand facing the Harbor in Reykjavik. The stand has been operating since 1937, and each hot dog was about 4 bucks. It is made of lamb, raw onions, crunchy onions, ketchup, mustard and remoulade, an Icelandic relish. 

 And it was so legit!!!!!!! Best hot dog I've ever had. 

Thanks to my Icelandic homie Briet for being so fun and for making my Icelandic dreams a reality. I can't wait to be besties in the states and for you to smash the high fashion world.

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