Saturday, April 5, 2014

Iceland Day 5: explore the unknown.

Today was a day to try new things because, well shit, I'm in Iceland. My 2014 journey thus far has been guided with a sense of exploration and spontaneity. My goals were to see and do as much as I could, taking advantage of each minute I had. 

Coffee shops are my obsession. My love for them was born when I first got hired at Starbucks at 15 years old and developed when I continued to work there for 6 years. I made it somewhat a goal to explore as many types of coffee and visit the best coffee houses wherever I went. 

So my journey began with a nice walk around the harbor, and going to three different Icelandic coffee shops:

Kaffitar, Suffisinn Bokakaffi, and Eymundsson. 

 Stefan is also the voice of this cat/tiger.

THEN MY LIFE WAS MADE, when I found out that Stefan's son, Thor, takes a weekly break dancing class. That's right. The family and I got to see their last class, seeing how the class works and a freestyle session that I will never forget. Hilarious and so endearing, the kids were so precious and bad ass.

Then, I went people watching around town, and ventured into Reykjavik 871, which is a Viking museum, where the remains of an original Viking house was the center piece of the entire thing. It was awesome. 

After that, Steinna and I had a fabulous dinner: seafood soup and goat cheese with ham and figs. Delicious! We then walked to the Icelandic National Theatre to watch Stefan in an Icelandic production of "Spamalot". 

The theatre was beautiful and quaint. And the production was great! It's difficult to explain how awesome it was to sit there, recognizing the music and scenes but not being able to really understand the words. It was seriously a privilege to see Stefan in a different role, just killing it on stage. He was absolutely amazing. I was beaming the whole time. It made my life! 

Lastly, lord have mercy, we partied. I tried some Icelandic liquor called Opal, which I was not a big fan of being it tasted like black liquorice. But good thing there was Sangria and my good friend, Baileys who kept me company all night. 

I got a tiny taste of the night life in the Euro scene, where girls are draped in fur and 90's style platforms, looking like super models and the men are dressed so well and aren't gay. I'd have to admit, if bars and clubs were like this in the states, I might actually go out more. I had a blast and met a ton of people. 

Reykjavik, you're becoming one of my favorite cities. 

Until tomorrow!

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