Saturday, February 1, 2014


I have a few pieces of exciting news coming my way!!

Official Promo for the Tour :) 
That's right. Singapore. 

About a week ago, the company that puts up 'Grinch' asked me to be a last minute replacement on the international tour of "My Fair Lady", first NOT as a performer.  

At first, I wasn't really sure of my job title, I just knew that I had the potential of working on the crew of the show. The only prior experience that I had in crew was being a House Manager at the Dicapo Opera Theatre, and three years of Assistant Stage Managing of 'Grinch'. Those were special circumstances though. What do you mean you want me to be the Head Prop Master for a tour? However, once more information was divulged, this was an opportunity I literally could not turn down even if I tried. It's Singapore, c'mon. 

Then last minute, like today, the director asked me to be an emergency swing for the Dance Track. WHAT?! HELL YES!

So, tomorrow I go to Singapore to be a Head Prop Master and a Dance Ensemble Swing.

When am I gonna get another opportunity to do shit like this? No idea.  Admittedly, I am pretty nervous for the job (prop wise). I'm pretty sure I can't carry anything that cuts wood, and I'm fairly certain I'm too short to reach any of the set pieces to dress them. 

But I am absolutely ready for the challenge. 
I am ready to learn a show in a different manner. And I'm ready to be pushed and thrown out of my comfort zone. This job came at the perfect time, when I thought all was lost. To be in a cave, with no way out, you're crawling through mud and scraping on the walls for any glimmer of light, and suddenly there it is. 

Yes. Sabrina cried. And screamed. And threw her phone. And lost her shit. 
(Sabrina is my other best friend, who is currently in the middle of her year-long contract at Universal Studios, Singapore.) 


My best friend Lauren King popped the big question to me. And ....NDZUH!! 

Tears were flowing. Text messages were sent. Emoji's of crying faces just continued for hours. 

She is my best friend, and it would be of the utmost pleasure and honour to help her make decisions and plan this momentous day in her life. When did we all become grown-ups? I feel like we are all still babies, just galavanting in adult bodies, pretending like we all know how to handle harder situations. 

3) Today marks my 2-year Anniversary with New York

My snowy court yard.

It seems quite unfathomable that I moved here. Still! Even after two GOD AWFUL hellish summers, two blizzards and moving apartments, standing in the middle of Times Square deserves a little pinch every so often. How did I make this happen for myself? 

It was snowing here in Astoria. And I loved it. It's so fucking cold, but this time around, the stinging air that I'm breathing into my lungs is necessary. 

I can feel my breath
I can feel my lungs working.
I can grasp onto that and know that I'm here and present.
I. Am. Alive. 
And it is time to never take life for granted.

Thank you 2013 for challenging me in ways I didn't think was possible. I learned that hard work certainly pays off tenfold. You revealed to me that I have the capability to be my own star (and a Chinese celebrity)

I continued to find my own voice in the Big Apple. I learned that some friendships mean more to you than to others: which sucks. But also, that your other friends are even more loyal than you could imagine. And that doesn't suck.

A few weeks ago, I left my beloved Whoville for the 4th time, rang in the new year in my apartment in Astoria and closed a big chapter in my life I wasn't expecting to close. 

But life will continue, and I will continue.

Wish me luck!

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