Sunday, April 28, 2013


OKAY. I haven't stepped my foot into the gym for 3 days. I do have a legitimate reason.

Life had to pause for a second, because the other night, around 11:45pm, I got followed home by a really creepy fuck. And no, don't excuse my language. Police report is in progress, but I'm truly, truly shaken up. There's a long, long story to it.

So I have been steering clear of my neighborhood for a few days while I sort things out.
 I'm thankful for those who have been there for me to crash at their place for the time being, while I sort things out.

Ladies. Follow your instincts. Your gut feeling will never fail you.

Luckily, nothing ended up happening to me, physically. But sheesh, I am certainly thanking God!

Keeping my feet on the ground.
Update in a few days.
p.s. Still taking Vitamins, drinking pineapple juice, and avoiding the pantry of girl scout cookies! (for now.)


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