Monday, February 10, 2014

The beauty of Singapore.

Singapore is stunning. A breath of fresh air. 

Touching down at the airport.

Skyline of the city. 
Green tea gelato.
The best coffee in the whole wide world.

Dumplings and Chicken Ramen for lunch. Mmm.
Curry and Rice for another lunch.

Flower garden.

Amazing place to sit and listen to the world.

Getting my Asian on.

Imported prices are RIDONKULOUS. ($14.35 SGD = $11.29 US Dollars). So.

MMM. Delicious caffeine pitstop.

Don't mind me.

They don't fuck around here.

Infamous wired trees.

Best friends across the world.

At Gardens By The Bay.

Marina Bay Sands.


Sabrina Francesca Olivieri Do-Quyen Nguyen.

The year of the Horse.

Blessing the theatre.

Taxi cabs.

Singapore History Museum.
The theatre!

The transit system here is called the MRT. 
              My new mates!

What a captivating view.

I'm. In. Singapore. 

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  1. congratulations jackie! your photos are so pretty!! that gelato is the best color ever.

    best of luck to you and sabrina--you guys are lookin like mega babes!

    at this volume