Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What day is it?

FITNESS IS NOT EASY. Not at first at least.

I've been working with an awesome personal trainer for the past year. His name is Chris.  I average about two 1-hour sessions with him a month. He really kicks my ass, and calls me on my shit. Which is what I need.

Today was my last session with him in the package that I bought.


  • 15 second side planks (3 sets)
  • 8 reps of 10lb weight on each arm (3 sets)
  • 5 reps of 'Windmill' (3 sets)
  • 8 step ups on each leg (3 sets)
  • 8 Glute lift/bridges (3 sets)
  • 10 lb kettle ball swings (3 sets of 8 swings)
  • 5 ball jackknife (3 sets)

My work out was an hour and 10 minutes long. It was so intense. I learned two new exercises, in which one of them was extremely difficult:


The trick to this is keeping your hips aligned, back FLAT, and when you squeeze your glute muscles to bring the ball forward, you have to spread your legs like a frog. Holy shit balls, it's so hard! (that's what she said.)

30 day fitness is successful so far.
 I am sore, and extremely impatient, but I know that this journey is only beginning. 

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