Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Opening Night!


It went incredibly well. The cast and crew did phenomenal, despite a few technical difficulties of the show. We had a large audience, to much surprise, and they responded beautifully. People stood up too! :)

The after party, however, was the highlight of my night! Lord! Big League Productions went all out. I'm talking about a white chocolate fondue table that was tinted green, multiple ice sculptures that you could pour alcohol into it and it would come out chilled, an 800 dollar cake that resembled mount Crumpit, hella swag, a banging DJ, open bar, amazing buffet and just an incredible cast and crew to party with. We danced..all...night. So much fun!

I had so much fun. I didn't expect it to be that huge of a celebration, but I was so glad that I had so much fun. We haven't had one day off, and still won't until next week. But I was grateful for such great treatment.

Now, is the roller coaster. We have 11 more shows THIS WEEK. And I am swinging in twice this week, so it's going to be a stressful week but I'm hoping to get through it smoothly.

I will update with more pictures!

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