Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tempe, Arizona.

Goodbye Omaha. It was a beautiful city, with marvelous customer service at the hotel, and a really beautiful venue.
Two weeks in Nebraska wasn't too bad. We had a wonderful audience and a solid 12 show run. So far, my touring experience has been a positive one. I've had an incredible amount of fun so far and have created good friendships with my cast.

The homesickness and distance is kicking in full force right now, merely because this is the first birthday I've "celebrated" away from home. Soon, it will be Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's away. I understand that I have friends on tour, and that we can definitely do things for celebration, but it's just hard being away from home during such holidays and events that normally bring your family and love ones together. I won't be with any of my close friends, or boyfriend on my birthday. And no one's really going to be able to come see my show because they have plans. Arizona is inconveniently located and is too far of a trek, I suppose, which is completely understandable. I just can't help feel a pinch of ...what's the word?

Oh well. I should NOT complain, however. Today was a blessing. A few of us gathered together early in the morning for some Bible study/church at a local coffee shop since we weren't able to go to church on Sunday. It was really nice to find community within such a small group of people, especially while on tour. I found myself profoundly rejuvenated afterwards and I look forward to the next one and our plans for Advent! I was worried about keeping my studies active and seeking understanding on tour. I definitely felt much more at ease because of our meeting. I am so appreciative of what God has blessed me with, and will not take any of it for granted. We also got to Tempe, safe and sound and am incredibly grateful to be doing this show as a career.

Well, 22 reaches me tomorrow. So far, 21 years has been wonderful and have treated me well. I've matured much, and have learned incredible things about the world, people, and about myself. I'm pretty sure I have much more to learn and that my life is only beginning. I have so much more of the world to explore, so much more to do and life to live. I just pray that I can commit with all my heart and learn.

Tomorrow will come with the official birthday blog.

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  1. I love that you had 'church' in a coffee shop. Jesus will show up anwhere, girl. Keep fighting the fight!