Thursday, November 4, 2010

OMAHA, Nebraska.

Third day of tech week in Omaha:

I'm sitting in my hotel room with my girl Domonique. We're both pretty comfortable, dealing with time differences of our significant other's being two hours behind in southern California. I'm glad she and I can relate in various ways, and can get along the way we do.

Being back in Whoville is for sure a nice change. I arrived here late Monday night after a gruesome flight from LA to Omaha. But being back home was so nice. So needed, and so necessary for my well-being. But Omaha so far is pretty cool. The air is crisp, and seems to me there is really no one busying the streets with their presence. Nebraska is empty. Meaning, Domonique and I walked down the street, and there are no people walking around in sight. Then we see two horses with two policemen on them. That's it. Hella weird.

Tech rehearsal has been long, but understanding the process of it all, it's good that we're getting this done in preparation for opening night next week. I'm actually really excited for us to open and start the swing of the show. I also hope to explore the various cities that we're in. I haven't had enough time to check out the surroundings or the city because the lack of a car, but I'm hoping one day next week we can shuttle around and find out what Nebraska is really like.

Life is really great for me at this point. I registered for next semester and I'm actually looking forward to finishing the last couple of GE's I have left. For once, without the BFA tying me down to a concrete schedule, there is much leeway with the types of courses I want to take. I am taking classes that I'm genuinely interested in that are not theatre related, such as Intro to Christianity, or Intro to Hip Hop. :) It will be incredibly difficult to be back at school and not have four dance classes, or work with the normal staff, but I know that this degree is my priority and being around a great support system is also very much necessary.

Well, anyways. I should go to bed soon, central time is KILLING ME!

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  1. Yay, another semester at CSUF! Why is there no one on the streets, that SO weird!!!