Saturday, June 28, 2014


My heart is so full. 

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  1. Hello Jackie,

    First and foremost I am sorry about your brother's passing. I can't been begin to imagine the transition and change you have gone through recently. I recently read your article about loosing hair @ 25 and reminded of me. My name is Apollo I'm Dominican and was born is a lot of hair. Always when I was a kid always has hair for days, to make my long story short as soon as I started college back in 2006 I started to loose my hair. In about 2 years it was all gone. It might be normal for a guy but I liked my hair and didn't understand why and how I lost my hair so young and so fast.
    Your article was awesome and just to let you know your not alone and I think you look great. I just made the best of it. I did go through a withdrawal period that I felt like I didn't want to be social. But it got to the point that I said fuk it. That's me. Email me I'll show you my before and after hair. I was born in NYC and raised in jersey. So I welcome you to the never sleeping crazy try state area. :)