Monday, March 31, 2014

Iceland day 1: Home in Reykjavik.

The day my amazing friend Stefan said, "Come to Iceland. It'll change your life.",

 I thought, "I could use that right around now." 

So here I am, making another one of my ultimate dreams come true: visiting Stefan in Iceland. I'm here for a week. And I could stay here a lifetime. 

Day one.

My true friend, Stefan. He is the ultimate guide to his home of Iceland. 

Parliament! Reminds me of the Black house. (Muggles nevermind the reference.) 

President offices.

This was Stefan's very first professional theatre where he did "The Waiter and The Soup".

The Cat cafe, where Bjork is often spotted. 

Obviously the best part of this picture is Stefan's finger.

The house where Reagan and Gorbachev negotiated. Epic.

THE gay bar in Reykjavik. LET'S HAVE A KIKI!!

My first meal in Iceland at Glo. All organic, raw and vegan. Bomb. 

The "it" couple, Stefan and Steinna shopping for our evening dinner: goose. My idols, definitely.

(Or just Eyja. Meaning Island Mountain Glacier)

I picked up my favorite kids from school today! Julia and Thor. 

Also... Julia is sporting her Buff. Which is:

The new fashion trend here:

We took pictures and threw rocks into the water.

I met their cat, named...Cat.

The kids taught me "King Kong".

We also played dress up. And a few magic tricks. 

The epic of epicness. 

We had a beautiful dinner ending with conversation and tea.

I am dreaming. One day, I will live here in Iceland. It will be my home away from home, when I decide to finally "settle". 

Goodnight to whomever you are, wherever you are reading this. Can't wait to share tomorrow's adventure.

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  1. Jackie- Iceland is one of my dream vacations! I have my lonely planet guide to Iceland on my bookshelf next to me. Planning on going next year! Have SUCH AN AMAZING TIME!!!