Sunday, January 27, 2013

Being a Go-Getter.

I am a go-getter. That is absolutely what I am.

But New York, and this SNOW is making me a "stay-homer". But that's okay, to be quite honest. I've still gone out for auditions, but I started to feel a bit under the weather this week, and decided that it would be best for my health to stay inside, get better, and have some "me time".

Upon that realization, I organized pretty much all of my clothing and accessories from when they were packed away from subletting. I created huge piles of clothing to take to donations, as well as threw a lot of things away that I didn't need. It felt so good. At the same time though, I looked around and felt so guilty. Why did I need all of these things? Why must I feel so satisfied when I go shopping, and then come home and feel slightly overwhelmed by all of the things that I've accumulated.

I suppose that is just who I am, and I will have to learn how to manage the amount of thrift store shopping I do. But, donating things this week will be a great, fulfilling task. I just have to muster the cold to do it. And I will.

In the meantime though, I'm going to lay here, and read Harry Potter. :)

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