Sunday, October 28, 2012

The blog about THE GRINCH.

"Christmastime will always be, just as long as we have we."

Winter 2012 marks my third year on the National Tour of 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas'.
You know that moment in your life where you stop for a minute, and realize where you are, where you're standing and wonder, "How the hell did I get here from where I was?" I had that moment today.

Whoville still strikes a chord in my heart that sings, even 3rd year in. There is just something about it. I guess you have to be a Who (or Grinch or Pup) to really understand the magic of this show and company. Adding another hat this year, I was blessed with the opportunity to be Assistant Choreographer this year. That makes for about four jobs, including Gymslip Who, female swing, and ASM swing. Although it seems like a lot, which it kinda is, I feel absolutely fulfilled. Moreso, because I feel like I have returned to an eight week family reunion. Now there are new members, exciting changes, even an entire new Equity cast right next door which feels like in-laws. But there are also tons of familiarities which also brings comfort. Being back in rehearsals, studying music (Christmas music at that), and being back with my friends feels great.

Things are very different from the past two time that I have ventured into Whoville. No worse, just different. I never expected to be this involved with the production when I just got cast in 2010. I had just graduated college, and this was my first professional gig in the real world. I was sparkling with the joys of working on a Broadway production -- traveling, meeting new friends, spending three weeks and Christmas in Toronto, and discovering myself along the way. I thought nothing was better than that.

Today, I helped our associate put up one of our token numbers of the show that involves huge props, tons of screaming, and a wee bit of patience. And suddenly, as I was doing the number, I realized,

"Holy crap, this is the third year that I'm doing this." 

I had a weeeeeird realization that I had celebrated my 22nd and 23rd birthday on tour, two Thanksgivings and two Christmases from the past two tours as well. And each year, I've added a new job to the list too, haha. Some of my favorite memories in life have been just doing this tour.

- Seeing falling snow for the first time in my life in Toronto.
- Getting my brother's tattoo in Tempe, Arizona.
- Learning what 'swinging' was....and then doing it about 20 times.
- Doing a tour with two of my BFA family members, not to mention best friends, Garret and Lauren.
- Discovering the joy of being a stage hand.
- That one time Lily threw the ball into the pit.
- Jason Kerr's bacon gingerbread cookies.
- The most amazing opening night party to exist in Omaha, NE. Ice sculptures, people.
- Lauren general.
- And finding some of the best people in the world, who I am now so blessed to call my friends for life.

Those are just a fraction of memories!

And this year, I will experience momentous events again, in different cities but with the same love and magic that Whoville gives you.

I guess, to sum it up, I've had really great memories in the past two years. And this year, being part of the creative and artistic side of the table feels truly rewarding as well. There are memories to be made, more friendships to be had, and Birsday Who obviously will find a way to make a few announcements in the near future.

We have a slight hiccup in our rehearsal process due to Who-rricane Sandy. Rehearsal was cancelled due to pubic transit being shut down. But that storm shan't steal Christmas for good.


I think this gives us (and New York) a chance to chill out, and do some reflecting. At least, that is what I am choosing to do. Of course, there is still electricity and power, so I choose to blog via internet, but during the next few days, I figured I'd dilly dally into my soul and thank the Universe and God.

Thank you God for challenges.
....and for opportunities
I am thankful for a job.
And even better, one in which I am able to play pretend, sing, dance, teach, learn and love at the same time. 
Thank you for shaping me into who I am and who I continue to become. 

Thanks for another trip to Whoville.

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