Sunday, September 2, 2012

Welcoming September with positivity.

  • Onions in my Smoke Shack Burger grilled perfectly -- and Black & White shake at my first time to Shake Shack in the park.
  • Trying the "Pancakes and Syrup" flavored ice cream at Dylan's Candy Bar. 
  • Watching the most amazing animation in "Paranorman" and hearing a 10 year old girl laugh uncontrollably in almost every scene because she thought it was just so funny.
  • Seeing, touching, and taking a picture next to one of the ORIGINAL MOVIE POSTERS of Home Alone from '92.
  • Sharing a Cherry Coke (which wasn't very cherry) with one of the greatest guy friends I have.
  • Touching base on the phone with 4 people I owe a lot to.
  • Paying Rent.

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