Sunday, July 8, 2012

Moments in my life that I miss.

I miss BFA themed parties and seeing who has an awesome costume on.

I miss the cast of 'Spelling Bee' and the night we spent at Erin's house playing "The Game" and laughed until we almost peed ourselves.

I miss Toronto, during Christmas. Walking in the underground tunnel malls, and then emerging upstairs to snow.

I miss waiting for the next newest Harry Potter book to come out, and the smell of it when I opened it. And then the feeling of finishing one and waiting for the next.

I miss dancing Hip-Hop so much that I thought I would die without going to class.

I miss watching Boy Meets World.

I miss having trimester report cards. And a finish line for each year of school.

I miss when I was 10 lbs. lighter, my hair was funkier, and my skin was 3 times darker.

I miss buying mexican candy from the ice cream truck.

I really miss my BFA class. Like just in general.

I miss the Christmas when I was 10. And when all my brothers were there, I was the baby of it all, and got the most presents and hugs.

I miss my monroe piercing.

I miss chatting on AIM like it was Facebook Stalking.

I miss my OG people at Starbucks. Noelle, Jeremy, Jessica, Frank, Shawna, Becky, Casarez, Von Barandy, Leslie, April, Christa, B. Man. Those were good times.

I miss writing letters. Physical letters and snail mail. &; looking forward to them.

I miss my Easy Bake Oven.

I miss when my brother would take me out to see the fireworks over Mission Beach.

I miss when I hung out with Namphuong, every single day.

I miss middle of the night wipe your tears milkshakes.

I miss Christmas.

I miss when my mom used to make tons and tons and tons of food. And when she brushed my hair before school.

I miss when my mom would drive me somewhere. Anywhere.

Those are just some things.

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