Tuesday, July 10, 2012

20 things.

20 things you may or may not know about me.

1) When I was in the 5th grade, I wrote this note to this boy that I liked. His name was Danny. At the end of the note, I put down "Here are my digits. Call me. *winky face* 619-___-____". Then the teacher's aid, Ms. D, found it, and read it out loud to the class. She wanted to give an example of what disruption to the learning environment was. I was mortified. I never gave out my number to a random boy until I turned 19. 

2) My eyes are really bad. I don't remember what it's like to have perfect vision without the aid of contacts or glasses. I've worn glasses since I was in the 7th grade. Here's why: I used to share a room with my mom, and back then, I had to sleep by 10:00pm. Puh-leeeease, Mom. The night is young and Harry Potter needed to be read. So I would sneak a flashlight under my pillow, and read Harry Potter until the flashlight died. Then go to school, and replace the batteries with some newer ones from the choir room, and do it all again the next night. Until, two months later, I went to the optometrist, and got my first pair of glasses. Genetically, my eyes should've been way healthier then they are today. Not gonna lie, it was worth it. HARRY POTTER IS WORTH EVERYTHING.

3) I thought I was going to be a librarian or teacher when I was younger.

4) I haven't shaved my legs since Prom. Thank you Mom for awesome genetics.

5) Speaking in front of an audience doesn't scare me. Popcorn reading from a textbook in school, used to scare the shit out of me.

6) I like to journal. Online, in my brain, in journals. Tis good.

7) I wanted to be Harriet the Spy...SO STINKIN' BAD!!! I loved that movie. I had a whole spy package. Flashlight, little notebook with pencil, string, binoculars, gum, and disposable camera tucked into a fanny pack. Bad. ass. 

8) I really have a hard time eating fruit that isn't pre-cut.  Fucking weird, right? My mom would always cut fruit for me to eat, and now, I only enjoy fruit if it's cut. Eating an apple whole is just so difficult. Ha.

9) I like wishing pennies into fountains, wishing on the first star you see, making a wish on a fallen eyelash, and I think that blowing out all your candles in one breath constitutes for your wish to come true. In a perfect world.

10) I am pretty damn emotional. I wear my heart on my sleeve. And sometimes, that's not always a good thing. But I refuse to change. Because it's better than not feeling, loving, or putting your heart on the line.

11) I can hang out with Lisa Duong every single day, for hours, all the time. We can just sit there. It's great.

12) My dream shows to be in: In The Heights, Rent, Wicked (duh), and Miss Saigon. I really wish they could invest money into Sister Act 2, Goofy Movie The Musical, Home Alone (The Play), Harry Potter the 7 musical series (where I play Cho Chang and can kiss Danielle Radcliffe), and for suuuuuuuuuuure if they made a musical about Starbucks, I'd be on that shit.

13) Never dyed my hair.

14) Addicted to caffeine. And love. Oh, and Grey's Anatomy.  And the Office.

15) Milkshakes help. Pure fact in life.

16) I think only like....1-3 people read my blog and keep up with it regularly. Lauren, Sabrina, and Lisa. Hi guys.

17) I say HELLA. And I am not from NorCal, I am from SoCal. The kids at my elementary school always said Hella. So I caught on, and never knew it was a "NorCal thing" until hella people questioned me in College about it.

18) Can I take a moment to point out that coconut shrimp is amazing?

19) I sometimes feel like I have a two-toned personality.

20) One day, all my goals will be at least touched upon, if not fully achieved. :) 

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