Friday, February 3, 2012

Week one.

Week one in New York....done.

Recap of my week:

I moved into my studio basement apartment. I guess, it's more like a 1 bedroom basement underneath a very Greek and very loving family. My landlord's name is George, and he too, is Greek. He looks like a little gnome, with the cutest accent, and does his best to repair some of the things that desperately needs help. My bathroom mirror was cracked, there was water damage in the kitchen, and let's not even go there with whatever was growing in the closet. Let's just say, I thought my apt was shithole!

Throughout this move, I have realized how important it is to have genuine, caring friends. I have had someone help me every day with something. Friends from college, friends from tour, friends from other shows, friends from home. Painting the walls, taping the walls, vacuuming, walking me to the store, talking to me through a purchase, etc. I have only been here for a week, and yet the love is overwhelming. And that is something I absolutely needed.

Now, I have my cable and internet set up. My TV works, and it sits on an awesome TV stand, that I can call my own. My walls are freshly painted, I have all the furniture I need -- thanking baby Jesus for Craigslist!! (I got ALL of my furniture, I'm talking about all my furniture, for under 300 bucks. Like, bed and mattress too. Take THAT EXTREME COUPONERS!!!)

I just now have to get adjusted. Will I ever get adjusted, however? I'm a California baby through and through. The absence of my car is bewildering, the brisk wind and down jackets are foreign, and where are all the Mexican and Vietnamese people??? It's still quite a culture shock, even though this is literally my 10th or 11th time to New York. I definitely caught a cold. Slash flu. Which made my move here a bit miserable. But no regrets yet, haha. I do enjoy the ultimate independence. It's really crazy that I don't have to ask, or consider roommates' feelings, or anything. All the food in the fridge is mine. And I can be loud, or messy, and annoyed and not have to think twice! Crazy.

Life is so nuts.

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