Monday, February 6, 2012


I feel like this is such a huge issue in my life. There is no win-win sometimes, I feel. I do this for someone, and ask for a little wiggle room for me, and still -- no go. Why? Why is it, that I have lived most of my life, attempting to be the selfless, giving and loving human being that my mom raised me to be, and then I end up feeling like a damn chump.

Have you ever experienced this? Whomever you are, reading my pointless blog. Do you ever feel like you've given the world, and expect so little in return, and yet even that, even a tiny bit of reciprocity isn't given back? Why? I assume you're a good person. Being that you have any interest in what I have to say at all.

All I ever ask for is 10% of the 150% that I give. And maybe that is the major problem I run into. Maybe 150% is too much. And maybe the problem is also, that I only expect 10% back. Yes, I confess, this is a problem I've ran into now, for the 3rd consecutive time in my life. And I hate to change my ways, and feel that I shouldn't have to compromise my own values to get what I want. But maybe it's time.

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