Thursday, May 19, 2011


Choices, choices, choices.

The past few weeks were truly difficult. Obviously, as humans we go through phases emotionally that brutally fuck our minds up into thinking that we're depressed, helpless, and terribly untalented. Then, a friend, maybe a good meal, or a full 8 hours of sleep, suddenly happens, and then you're "back to normal" again. I want that "back to normal" phase, damnit.

I've had that happen to me every week! I'd feel unmotivated, and in a rut, then feel okay the next day. Then it would swerve right back into that ditch again. It was poopy. That's riote, poopy.

I'm in the process of making a few big girl decisions in the next phase of my life. The actual big girl step into the real world. Last year, I moved to LA, got a bangin' apt, then booked Grinch. I had plans, met them, and booked work. This semester, I had to go back to school, subletted, got my old job at Starbucks back, and just went with what I was given. This year is calling to me quite differently. I'm finishing school. Check. I'm still working, making a somewhat steady income, and have been auditioning. Nothing quite booked, and how discouraging can that get. But that is the monster I intend to conquer. My dragon in the Triwizard Tournament. :D

AHHHH life. Surprises, have you.

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