Sunday, January 9, 2011


Sometimes, God does something that makes you think,
"What the fuck?!" I had no idea this would happen in my life. I question your Almighty Opinion, and quite frankly, it has flipped my world upside down. I like my world right side up, thank you."

Then, you're like, lost.


Figured, trust in Him. Trust in the universe. Whomever, whatever. Let go of your own insecurities. It must not be as bad as you put it. I mean, you have a pulse, there's a roof over your head, and your best friends will always be there for you too.

You have just gained a lot of knowledge. It's okay to lose it every once in a while, but why not relish in today, versus worry about tomorrow.

The first week of the year has been literally crazy. I haven't blogged in too long. I will definitely update with the aftermath of Whoville, and what's to come next. Happy birthday to my niece, Tu. And my big brother Luan. Keeping things to myself for now, but that's working for now.

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