Monday, September 27, 2010

my commitments.

This weekend was amazing.

Friday: After having dinner with Cokes in Downtown San Diego, I drove up to Fullerton and I went out with a few close friends to the Continental Room, in Downtown (again). I got to boogie and dance with Willie all night, which was so much fun. It was nice to let loose and just dance. Then there was a bar fight and it was over. Lol.

Saturday: I was honored with the amazing opportunity to sing at Jon Lawrence Rivera's birthday party in Downtown LA at LATC. Lauren and I sang "For Good" in dedication to Jon, and Maxwel and Willie accompanied us. I had such a great time. It was so great to see great performers coming together to celebrate such a wonderful director, friend and colleague.

Sunday: Willie and I drove back down to Fullerton in the blistering heat. Then we decided to go to the pool, which was interesting because I don't know how to float or tread water. It made me really nervous but I was determined to at least try. That's the least I could do. As hard as it was, I was exhausted and even embarrassed, I was kind of proud of myself for going for it. I was really thankful that Willie was willing to be patient and try and teach his incompetent girlfriend how to swim. I was so humiliated because I feel like swimming is something children learn how to do with their parents. And because I was unable to share that experience with either of my parents, I feel like I've missed out on a cool part of childhood that I don't want to try and simulate again.

Church afterwards was refreshing and nice. I have definitely found a comfort and importance in going to church. I will miss going for 3 months because of my tour, but I have to find ways to keep Christ in my life throughout the days gone.

This weekend was exactly what I wanted and needed. I look forward to this week and spending as much time as I possibly can with my family and friends.

The heat is making my head hurt though.

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