Sunday, September 5, 2010

I painted my finger nails pink, and then my toenails red. So girly. I'm sitting in Lisa's room, blogging, while she goes to her cousin's house to pick some people up. We just came back from a VERY traditional Vietnamese Wedding.

Here's what went down. So this wedding is of my mom's friend's daughter. I don't even know her name, I think it may be Cathy. My mom was called into work today and was too tired to get dressed for wedding festivities, so Lisa and I were forced to go because we already RSVP'd. Lisa and I, don't know anyone, and were already really apprehensive of going to this wedding in the first place. We get to the restaurant, and wait in the car in hopes of coming into the reception a little later so that we can avoid talking to some of the bridal party because we literally don't know ANYONE. We sit at this empty table in the very back, which was amazing because then we could easily eat, leave the wedding card, and bounce.

Unfortunately, this lasted for about 48 seconds, until someone said that the table we sat at was reserved, and the bridal party ended moving us. To the FRONT OF THE RESTAURANT. At the table of the Grandparents of the Bride, and grandparents of the Groom. We were so embarrassed. We had no idea what was going on, and even worse, we get sat at the table of all the Grandparents of the party, in which seem to HATE US because they have no idea who we are, and we just so happen to sit at their table and invade their family space.

There is so much more to this story, but in short, it was so embarrassing, and incredibly funny and awkward.

Well, this week was crazy but fulfilling. I have a long week ahead of me, but I got a lot of things done this weekend in regards to my trip to New York. I finally got a decent sized suitcase, and a huge backpack, some running shoes, and exercise pants that I needed. I still need to run a few more errands, but the bigger things are over with, phew.

Looking forward to church and some quality time with family and the boyfriend tomorrow.

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