Friday, September 17, 2010

change is gonna come.

Good-bye Starbucks!!!!

Today was my last day at the Bucks. Whether or not I'll be back in January, it was nice to release the responsibility that was upon my shoulders for five years. I think I'll miss it a little bit, but a nice three-month break will be bomb. OH Koreatown, how you drove me crazy.

I have a busy schedule from now until I leave. It's going to be NUTS! I'm going to some rally/hip hop show thing tonight, then I have a music rehearsal tomorrow, boyfriend weekend time, then down to SDeezy for some Mommy/Cokes/Lisa time. Then BACK to LA for a performance, back to Fullerton for Church and Willie time, then San Diego.

The cycle never ends, but I love it. The whether was dope today; nice and sunny, little bit of breeze going on. I got a stupid PARKING TICKET today! UGH! But, it was definitely my mistake by not reading the stupid signs correctly.

Just chillen right now until Lauren gets her ass to LA. I've cleared majority of my room out & it's pretty much ready for Jesse to sublet. I need to get rid of a few more things, but I'm still gonna spend a few nights here, so that'll have to wait.

Oh, and I got a really great deal on some high heels today. I was going to order some online because I need decent high heels for this performance I'm doing next week and to take with me on tour, but I found ones for 11 bucks at Buffalo Exchange in Hollywood! :) I..m such a girl.

Blogging about bargains. *shakes head*

Anyways, off to listen to some music and read.

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  1. I love your "shakes head" comment, I freaking laughed out loud!