Friday, August 7, 2009

I just watched 500 days of Summer with Lisa and Brian. I decided that today: I am going to be happy. Of course, sometimes happiness is uncontrollable, but I wanted to control it today. I hung out with a good friend, painted the bathroom, and cleaned. Then, I took a shower, changed, and Lisa picked me up, and we picked up Brian.

We had such a good time at Denny's, eating our grandslam and 1000 calorie burgers. Sabrina came to join us, bringing in KFC = ghetto. As Sabrina left, we left to Brea to get some ice cream and watch a movie. The ice cream was disappointing because cold stone is nasty and utterly fattening.

The movie was cute until the last five minutes. You had me going there. I beleived that love was a challenge, something to be fought for, utterly and irrevocably amazing and then -- the main characters of the movie, don't get back together, and I was left confused. The main character (the angel's in the outfield guy) said, that he realized that there is no such thing as fate, or sparks, or love at first sight, but that it was just coincidence. "just coincidence."


so, I hated the movie. except the fact that it was creatively shot, the acting was amazing, the music was phenomenal, the off-beated-ness of it was kooky and fun, but the message of "life is just is and nothing more" left a bad taste in my mouth. for eternity!

what makes a rational decision irrational? and how does your heart feel so heavy that it consumes every minute of the entire day? how is this possible.

I am faced with expectation. I am faced with reality. Like the movie.

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