Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer, summertime.

First blog in maybe six years. I used to have a blog site called xanga, which I was obsessed over. And it's interesting that I have resulted in blogging again, number one -- out of pure bordem, but also because I thought it'd be a fun way to get back into the swing of blogging and sharing thoughts to the world.

The summer began about a month ago. I spent a lot of my summer so far with my beloved boyfriend, Willie. We spent a lot of well-deserved time together before he took off for his annual summer job at Westminister Woods. Let me tell you, I have never been so jealous of a summer camp in my life. Before his departure, I flew up to Sacramento to spend the last couple days with him, being that I wouldn't see him for a total of 80 days. It is only day five, of the 80. Fucking intense, right? Well, the trip was great. We were in Sacramento, Vallejo, and San Fransisco. I had a wonderful trip, spending time with his family and learning more about where he came from and the area. We saw a couple of movies, and a show on the Delta, which was really fun. Leaving Sacramento was the hardest part of the trip, though. I really hope I get to visit again, soon. Willie left to camp on Sunday, and now our only form of communication is through written letters. No email, phone, texts, or facebook.

The rest of the summer has been dedicated to self-reflection and building a better me. I have started voice lessons early to jump start on the fall show, Miss Saigon. I have been attempting to eat somewhat healthier, although giving up soda is becoming a huge struggle.

I have got to get some discipline! I'm convinced that by January, I will be fully OFF OF SODA! I hate that I love it so much. It's so unhealthy, but I've become literally, addicted. It calms me down when I'm angry or antsy. I think it all began as a child when I had motion sickness. I have this huge fear of throwing up, and my motion sickness just didn't alleviate this drama. So, my mom would give me a little bit of Sprite or Ginger Ale, obviously, after I would throw up in the car. This would just ease my stomache, and make me feel like I wouldn't throw up again (even if I did). With every other meal, I requested a small cup of soda afterwards so that I wouldn't throw up or feel nauseous. Now, as a 20 year-old adult, I cannot eat anything, especially dinner, without a soda. I understand that it is incredibly unhealthy, but I guess I have childhood attachments to it. But I want to give it up so bad. And I will. Someday.

This week:
- I spent some time with one of my close friends from middle/high school.
- Worked at Starbucks.
- Went to a taping of So You Think You Can Dance in Hollywood.
- Disneyland with some BFA friends.
- Watched a movie with my friend Brian from middle/high school.

It has been consistently pretty busy. It's a little hard being away from Willie, because in the last year, he has grown into my best friend. I went from seeing him every day, and talking to him face to face or on the phone, to waiting for days for a letter in the mail to see how he's doing. However, I feel great, knowing that he is busy doing what he is extremely passionate it, and that I have time for myself to do that introverted thang that I do. I do appreciate the alone time. I look forward to sharing each others' stories through our written letters and keeping our relationship interesting and new.

I have three hours until work. I'm saddened because two of my close friends from work will be moving away. One to Victorville, the other to Arizona. They are two of the most beautiful people I have ever met. They are passionate towards God, which I can't help but admire. But they are also humble, real, kind, and understanding. I love meeting people that just have great qualities pouring out of their pores. I am so thankful to have worked with them for the past three years, and I am sad to see them leave. My work experience will now have to be positive through my own accord, making my jokes and learning new things about my other coworkers.

Well, this blog is getting long. And if anyone ever DOES read this, it will become pretty boring towards paragraph six or seven. So, with that --

Life is beautiful.

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