A little about me.

Photo by: James Bartolozzi

My name is Jackie. 
I am an actor originally from San Diego, California. 
Currently living in New York City. 
Living a gypsy life -- pursuing a life in theatre, commercial, dance and travel. 
Spreading awareness for Alopecia Areata. 

I'm a Scorpio.
I'm Vietnamese-American.
I'm very passionate about volunteer work.
I run off of coffee, Bailey's, and a good book.
I was sorted into Gryffindor.
My hero is Oprah.
"Home Alone" and "Home Alone 2" are my favorite films.


  1. Dear Jackie,
    We would be interested in providing you with a free herbal supplement that helps restore hair, including loss via alopecia areata. See the report at http://priaplex.com or download it directly for actual cases with before and after results -- http://priaplex.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/PriaPlex_Booklet.pdf
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  2. hi jackie - this is awfully familiar to me. i lost all of my hair in three weeks, nine years ago. first of all, i would go to a doctor to be checked for other autoimmune diseases. alopecia is an autoimmune disorder. i got my hair back with a freedom vacuum wig. please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or i can even just be an ear to listen. i know that this is really hard, but you will be ok and you are not alone. you can reach me at jaine@metrohairgroup.com good luck to you

  3. I just wanted to say..THANKS for publishing your experience with sudden onset hairloss. I admire you. I've accepted the fact that I'm slowly losing my hair ,but, my family acts like its a dirty little secret. They say "stop thinking about it & it will stop". My alopecia is caused by some of my meds that I have to take. Antidepressants & mood stabilizers can have some truly brutal side effects. You are a beautiful person....inside & out....with or without hair!! Keep smiling!! (After all....it' ONLY HAIR!!) Keep us informed. Those of us who have the same affliction would love to hear more from you. You have a great writing style.

  4. Above all you are in our prayers

  5. thank you so much for sharing... I am going through THE exact SAME THING and am enlightened to hear about the depression connection... as it runs in my family.
    you are in my prayers, you are beautiful!! :)

  6. So it's march 2016 and I'm wondering where you are and where you're at. I was just told this morning that I'm losing my hair and Ive spent a good chunk of the day crying...until I stumbled across your blog. But the last post was 2015 so where you at chicka?

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  8. Any chance you would be willing to share where/what kind of a wig you got?