Thursday, April 18, 2013

Giving into the good.

Fine. I'm giving in.

With being surrounded in a field of dancers, actors and performers, health is always on our minds. Our bodies are our businesses. They are what casting directors, audiences, cameras and colleagues see.
Who's going to the latest barre class?
Which yoga class is best?
Are you vegan? Gluten-free?
And ohmigod, that Lululemon top is SOY cute. 

Crunchy-crunchy granola people, I call them.
Then today, I got bit in the ass by a huge bug. The skinniest, leanest, snatched bug out there.
And it hurt so good.

I have been working a lot on the inside-out, which means, diving into my heart, mind and soul and working on its core. Doing lots of personal goals and lots and lots of reading. Today I was watching an episode of Oprah (my personal Guru) and she talked about inviting parts of ourself into different goals. Since I was working on the inside, I wanted to extend that invitation to my body as well. Come join the positivity party! 

Facing my honesty about how I look. I have always been pretty petite, and my weight only ever fluctuates depending on what show I'm in. For real! But my weight was not what made me ever feel conscious about myself, but more that aesthetically, I wanted to look healthier. I wanted to look in the mirror, and to look as athletic as I knew I could be. More muscles, more tone.

So I decided to start a 30-day fitness challenge. I found a pretty simple article online:

Click here to do your own health fitness!

I'm going to do my best to blog everyday about my progress, and even about what I didn't do that day to keep track of my accomplishments and my pauses. They are not failures, nor are they any types of negative grades upon my 30 day challenge. If I need a pause, bitch I'ma take a pause.

Here is a look at my first day of my challenge. (I combined day 1 + 2)

I) Taking personal 'inventory' to document your "before" look. 

II) - 30 minutes of cardio. I chose to do a bike today with varying speeds every 5 minutes. 
     - 15 minutes of brisk walking, jogging or climbing stairs.  I jogged. 
     - 5 minutes of stretching

III) Including veggies in your diet!

- Blue Machine
- Strawberries
- Peppers
- Cranberry/Almond salad 
- Side of Chicken

IV) One minute of Meditation

Additional ingredients that I added:

- I started a new book tonight. 
- Journaled.
- Called a friend who you haven't talked to in a long time. 

So far, I feel good about being a little crunchy. I hope I can find the strength to really stick to this. Join me, message me, text or call me and let's encourage each other. 

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