Saturday, April 7, 2012

Designer run.

Twas the day of the designer run. For all you theatre folk, duh. For all you non-theatre folk, a designer run is a full run of the show for the technical crew to watch and get an idea of the show for them to do their part in helping us tell the story. We, as actors, are only a fragment of what it takes to put on a full production. Lighting, costumes, props, scenery, stage management, theatre management, production, and sound are all so vital to the theatre. And I don't say this just because I helped ASM the tour of 'Grinch' and saw ALL aspects of the tech side (& gained new respect) but because it's true. We owe a lot to the techs.

The day began with some cleaning of bigger numbers and lunch. Then our lovely stage manager, Donna, called "5 minutes til places", and then I thought ....."shit is boutsta get rul."

I consider the designer run to be like the PSAT's. You tell yourself, "Eh, it's okay. This is practice for the real deal. You don't have to stress too much."

Then you get the test, and your #2 pencil is sharpened, and your classmates all look like they've eaten their morning cereal and are pumped. Even though they may be just as nervous, but attempting to seem calm and ready, it's still scary as shit! Now you're like, "....hold on. Do the PSAT scores count towards me getting into college?" Then shit gets real. And you're just SURE that even though your teachers have told you, it's just a "practice" that it doesn't count, but you're preeeeetty positive your teacher was lying.

Then you start the test, and you hella feel like it's the REAL SAT! But you're doing better than you thought, with a minor second-guess or two. Hey, it IS practice. There's still a way to go before the real thing.

That was today.

Except, Cathy Rigby and Tom McCoy were watching me.

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