Wednesday, October 5, 2011


It's a nice change to have it rain in LA. Of course, everyone and their coochies feel the same way. The constant Facebook updates regarding a little bit of rain, or the lack of experience that comes with California Drivers and their newfound feet regarding the slick roads. Sure, we're all bragging and wish the weather were like this a little more often. I would try to say that I beg to differ, but here I am, blogging about the rain, listening to my Celine Dion Pandora, with lit candles, thinking about making me a cup of hot chocolate, and waking Sabrina up to make a cozy breakfast to eat listening to the beautiful rain.

It's weather like this that makes me think a little in depth about the life I've lived and where else I want to go. I think about the future that lies ahead in the next few months, and the big girl steps I am taking in the right path - at least "right" being following what I want for now. For some reason, I've always had an extra little push in the right direction, thanks to the Big Guy upstairs. I'm thanking everything up above for an amazing gig, followed by a short enough break to be able to (hopefully) visit Andrew, and followed by another amazing job, that fills my heart with absolute joy.

Now I have found an amazing living situation. One that I could not be more satisfied or happy with. I simply can't wait. I'm ready to start the new year in a new city, with new surroundings, and new opportunities to utilize time to discover new things, friends, streets, foods, all of the above.

I'm happy. I guess that's the point of this blog today.

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