Saturday, September 10, 2011

Counting my blessings.

Thank you Universe for the following reasons:

Today, I thank you for casting my best friend in the entire world in "How The Grinch Stole Christmas."

I believe in soul mates, and also in the potential to have multiple soul mates. Lauren King is one of them. She recently moved back home (our home) to San Diego, to do more regional work down there and to get more involved with her faith and figure things out. In this, I've gone an entire year almost, with living in a different city as her. I've lived on tour, and in two different cities in the last 8 months of my year, and haven't been able to spend any quality time with her. I've been praying for her well-being, and continue to maintain somewhat of the same relationship with her as before, but it wasn't the same. Now, I get to work professionally with her, in the real world, and spend the next season of major holidays with a person I can call my sister. This gives us the time to spend and bond with each other again, and at the best time possible, for the both of us. Not one, but two of my best friends will be on tour with me. Garret, too, is gonna be there, which is gonna result in absolute madness. In the best way possible. :)

Thank you for the show Align CenterI am currently in.

I am currently in my 10/12's for South Street at the Pasadena Playhouse, which seem long, boring, and at times....shitty. But realistically, I am beyond blessed to be in this show. I have absolutely nothing I Should be complaining about. I am working with Broadway Stars, Veterans, and raw, pure, classic talents. I get to dance hip-hop and be thankful that I can wake up and go back stage to my mirror, and know that this is my job. I am making my living off of performing live theatre. I make my living off of developing new relationships with this show family, and learning more about myself as an artist. I have the best job in the world.

Thank you for sending me an amazing handful of friends.

Today, alone, I have called Lisa 3 times, Sabrina 4 times, and Lauren 3 times. I couldn't even tell you how many text messages I've sent, how many Ichat's we've had, or AIM conversations today alone. But I have the best girlfriends anyone can ask for. And they make me feel loved, and in control, and okay when I'm out of control. They praise me for my good shit, and get real when shit's not. I complain, vent, advise, confess, confide, and all of the above to them, and feel connected in ways no one ever can duplicate or replace. I love my best friends. Beyond expression.

Thank you for my boyfriend, Andrew.

Who, despite being on a ship, with lack of internet, and over 3,000 miles away at sea, can write to me every day and continue to build a relationship with me. Artistically continuing to become our own people, but willing to contribute conversation and thoughts into a working and developing relationship is more than I could ever ask for. I am more than thankful for his support, opinions, hard work, and love.

Thank you for my family.

Self-explanatory. My momma, Wayne, William, Spencer, Luan, Dawn, Chi Hanh, Talitha, Madison, Megan, Logan, Tu, and Kiet. Thankful for their well-being, happiness, and existence in my life.

Lastly, thank you for a positive attitude today.

I needed it. And expressed it. And am cherishing it.
God is hella good.

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