Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Phase two.

Disney is no joke.

I'm sitting at the Orlando International Airport, waiting for my flight back to San Diego. I just spent 10 days on the Disney Dream Cruise, visiting my beloved boyfriend. I was able to see him in his shows, multiple times, go to the beach on Disney's island Castaway Cay, shop around the Bahamas, and best of all, be able to spend quality time with Andrew.

The shows were amazing to see in all of its glory. I was able to catch the full run through's of their shows in Toronto, but to see them put up on stage, with lifts, costumes, music, props, and scenery was just awesome. I felt like a little girl again. I was able to see their rehearsals, and due to some incidents, ( :( ) I also got to see both swings go on for multiple parts, which was also pretty cool too. But most of all, I was just so proud of Andrew. :) It was so great to see him perform, this time not just as a Who in Whoville, haha.

I had such a wonderful, relaxing trip. It was much needed, being that from now until October, I'm pretty much busy with Pasadena Playhouse. Then right after that, I go back on tour.

Life is full of amazing things, and I was completely reminded of that when I would look out at the beautiful water and wondering how and why I got to where I did, with a wonderful guy, and a completely different outlook on life. And how I will be coming back home to about 6 months worth of work, completely and utterly humbled at that fact.

Well, pictures soon. But for now, just plain ol happy.

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