Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Anything Goes.


- I sat through an agonizing 9 hours for an audition.
- Then finally auditioned.
- Read "Chicken Soup for the soul".
- Watched the Tony's on Tivo.
- Cried buckets during Nikki James' Tony acceptance speech
- Wished I knew how to tap better when watching the number from Anything Goes.
- Watched two more shows of SYTYCD
- Bawled during the first number of the top 20.
- Looked up auditions
- Booked my flight for New York in October for my next show.
- Prep my bag for another audition tomorrow.
- Wrote to my boyfriend who's performing on an amazing Disney Cruiseship on it's way to the Bahamas.
- Stretched
- Prayed and prayed and prayed that one day, my creative flow, artistic love, hard fucking work, persistence, swag, luck, support, and passion for the arts would one day grant me the opportunity to sing/dance/act on a Broadway stage one day.

I think I'm an artist.

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