Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Random facts.

1. I really, really, really hate olives. They're fucking nasty. I think that if I were to ever eat a piece of poop, it would taste identical to an olive. But, I do think Olive can be a cute name for a tiny pomeranian, or maybe a curly head infant.

2. I want to learn how to play the Harmonica. So. Bad. And I will.

3. I've never dyed my hair. I really want a white strip, like a skunk. Just for shits. But the older I get, the more I appreciate my natural hair color. (You were right mom. Fuck.) But doesn't meant I won't get one sometime in my 20's. (Oh god, I'm getting old.)

4. I'm like, hella good at making resumes, editing on the computer, making powerpoints look fucking legit, and doing webpages. I dunno. Something I can thank high school for.

5. I NEVER thought I would do musical theatre for a living. I was not a theatre kid, but more of an academic nerd turned into a hip-hop baby who fell in love with theatre in high school. Like deep in love. Here I am!

6. As much as I hated love for the longest time, I can't live without it.

7. The only people that truly understand what I mean when I talk about life on earth as being seen as a book, from a bird's eye view, like straight up Brave New World/The Giver, Indigo children, is Tim and Lisa. I have only been able to be on the same wavelength with them about how CRAZY LIFE is, and how we function in a cycle that's neverending, working towards a "nothingness". I hope the more I talk to other people about this, the more they'll understand me. But for now, only those two get it.

8. I want to live in another country for an entire year with my significant other. Before kids, maybe before marriage. Doesn't matter. I just want to experience life somewhere else. Anywhere.

9. No joke, I'm legit addicted to caffeine.

10. I will get a bulldog (I prefer English) and will name him Tupac, Mercutio or Thelonius (Theo, for short). If it's a female, I will name her Valentine. (Last name Potter or Longbottom. Teehee.)

11. I want my kids to have weird, creative, badass, beautiful, meaningful names. I'm just not that simple.

12. I want a tattoo of a coffee cup, Mr. Boo, a portrait of my mom, a rosary, or like a huge virgin mary.

13. The chicken definitely comes first.

14. One of my pinky's is wayyyy shorter than the other.

15. Homebody to the extreme.

16. Do not tell me a fucking ghost story. I'll cry.

17. I don't like dry and sarcastic humor that much. Because I'm too fucking gullible. And awkward.

18. I hate when I can't find my glasses. And that happens a lot.

19. I prefer bagels to toast, pancakes to waffles, and bacon to sausage. I LOVE PANCAKESSSSSSSSSS!

20. Not a lot of people know this, but I really like cards. Like greeting cards, Hallmark, Papyrus, etc. I'll buy cards for fun. Because it's one of the best gestures, ever. In my own opinion. I know people don't give a fuck about getting or giving cards. But I really, really, enjoy giving them.

21. My mom told me that if I was born a boy, my name would be John Tran Nguyen. LOL.

22. I'm named after Jacqueline O'Nassis Kennedy.

23. I may have seen Home Alone 2, over 50 times. Maybe 60.

24. People change. Or do they?

25. About 80% of my clothing comes from thrift stores. The only thing I buy from the mall would be nicer audition dresses, and some shoes. How I roll. Creative (and broke.)

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