Sunday, May 29, 2011


After packing up a lot of my clothes and belongings, and trying to get rid of a lot of things as well, I finally finished a lot of what I planned to do. Which was a very gratifying feeling. I love that feeling. When I planned something, and accomplished exactly what I wanted. So, I laid in bed for a while, watching episodes of The Office, and got kind of hungry. I had a bit of time left before I needed to go to my show, so I just decided to change, and go to Panera.

I took my journal, some markers and pens, and sat down by a big window, lit by the sunlight in an empty area of the restaurant. It was really empty, and only maybe one or two workers there. I got a really good salad (with lots of onions...mmm, my fave) and half a bowl of baked potato soup. I sat there, eating my meal by myself. It was so. fucking. nice. They had some Thelonius Monk playing (one of my favorite jazz artists) in the background, and oh, it was DI-FUCKING-VINE.

I sat there for maybe an hour, journaling, writing, doodling, and just enjoying the quality time that I took out for myself. I didn't worry about anything but enjoying my meal, and reflecting in my journal. I definitely am going to do that more often than not. Maybe go to different cafe's, or restaurants to change it up, but sitting there today, just reflecting and not thinking too hardly about anything but the now, was the shit.


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