Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Thank GOD above that I am out of Tempe. Although we had a short adventure there, I didn't have the best week. At all. I felt tested in so many ways. There were many emotions that flourished from my time in Tempe. I was very let down, and incredibly disappointed. I got my hopes up, to be exact. The week was full of many of the cast members' families, boyfriends, and friends visiting which definitely resonated with my influx of negative emotions. However, I shall not leave out two incredible moments of last week. My new tattoo, and HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS MIDNIGHT PREMIERE! I can't even TYPE that without smiling. IT WAS FUCKING INCREDIBLE!

But I have learned that life is full of uncontrollable disappointments often, and that it is up to you to truly open your heart again and forget. Forgotten.

Now I am in HOUSTON, TEJASSSSS. And why didn't anyone tell me why it's so effing humid here. Can I get a warning? Dayum! But, it was refreshing to be at such an amazing hotel (Doubletree) and greeted with warm chocolate chip cookies. God is good! (And whoever baked those delicious pastries.)

Today we explored the town, did some grocery shopping, and a few of us went to watch Due Date. It had funny moments, but I think that it would serve as a better Netflix pick. I'm looking forward to Burlesque, For Colored Girls, and another dose of Harry Potter, which I WILL watch while in Houston.
Here is a picture of Jenavene and I by our Macy's display. It's cool seeing all the Christmas decorations and all of the press about our show. We have our first show here tomorrow, which is always exciting. There's also a Thanksgiving parade that some of my cast is going to do, which will be really cool. They mentioned that it's the biggest parade in Texas!

I have been doing a lot of soul searching and a lot of praying lately. I have met with a mini-church group/bible study with a wonderful group of people on tour, which has uplifted me in ways I can't even describe. Certainly a blessing.

I'm really excited for Thanksgiving. Although I probably will cry out of nostalgia, I am looking forward to giving Thanks on stage, and with the new family I have gained from The Grinch.

Well, I must get back to the Office. Almost done with season 3! :)

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