Monday, October 11, 2010

First day off!

I have been looking forward to this day all week! My body is killing me, and all I want is just one day to sit, and chill. I don't have any plans specifically for today, except rest and run errands. I have a few things to take care of today.

Living out here, makes me think a lot about certain circumstances in my life and whether or not touring or this career is properly suited for me. I know I would never really move here unless a job prompted me to. I do love rehearsing, the process and people I meet through shows. I appreciate the art of it, even if The Grinch is a spectacled children's show, I still love what we're doing. I just don't know if all of the long distance or being a part from the majority of my family and friends is suitable as a lifestyle. This tour is determining many aspects of my life. And will ultimately help me decipher future plans and how to go about the next chapter of my life. I have never ventured into this realm of performance, and I have yet to even really experience the actual touring of it all. I suppose time will always tell.

I've been praying for immense amounts of strength. Not only am I physically exhausted, but being away from home and comforts of life is so overwhelming. I'm not sure if certain people grasp that or assume otherwise.I am constantly exploring the blessings that have been handed to me and thanking Him every chance I can get. Nothing about this process has been negative, only different and new. I suppose it's slightly uncomfortable only because it's not familiar, and within the next two weeks I'll be having a blast.

Until later.

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  1. "I suppose it's slightly uncomfortable only because it's not familiar" That is such a great line. I'm hoping that within the next 6 months I will be in a similar situation, and I'm sure I will have the same emotions. It's hard to be away from everything known, I guess that's why we have Jesus because no matter where we are, He is our stronghold. hmm.. much easier said than done but thank God He gives us the strength!