Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Today I left Fullerton in the morning and set off for LA. My routine has become a little more routine-y, and I've calculated that if I leave Fullerton at exactly 10:30am, I'll arrive in LA at 11:30am, which includes heavy amounts of semi-truck traffic. This commute has been common to me since the first week of June, due to a show in LA, moving, and commuting now to visit my friends and boyfriend in Fullerton when I have ample time.

I had another day of work today. I went into work hating the fact that I had to be there for 8.5 hours, but left, feeling satisfied and proud of myself. It wasn't a tough shift, it went by pretty fast and I had fun times with my friends Chips and Carlos.

I am disappointed in myself though. I tried to fast today, and I couldn't pull through. I had water and water and water, until about 5pm, I was making drinks and I felt like shit. I felt so incapable of finding inner strength and even the power to stand up, so I ate. But I am committed to doing it this week. Seek. I am trying to venture on my own into a religious path that I've been seeking for a really long time. I owe a lot of gratitude towards a good friend of mine, Noelle. Although she may not know it, I aspire to be a lot like her in many ways. She sparked my interest, whether or not it was to become Christian, but moreso to seek peace within myself and with God. So, thanks Noelle.

I finished my day off by packing a bit more. I am setting off to NY in three weeks. I have to make sure my room is empty, that my suitcase has the essentials, that I bring majority of my things to San Diego, and that everything that I have planned will work its magic and work out! Teehee.

I will be praying for a good friend of Willie's tonight. They were coworkers/friends through his camp. Her family was deeply affected by the San Bruno explosion a few days ago. Although I didn't know her, or her family, it still really makes me so incredibly sad, and I will keep them in my prayers.

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