Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gravity is a bitch.

Thank you God for a relaxing day today.

  • I got some emailing done
  • listened to some good ass music
  • packed my belongings into boxes and such
  • showered
  • had a really great dinner with my coworkers at cheesecake factory, FO FREE!
Twas a good day by myself. I miss Willie a lot though. His laughter, and company. Especially the times where we were together all the time. And on the same wavelength in life. It seems like it wavers so much because both of us are in different cities, and doing different things. However, I believe that this is what life does to relationships that are put into your life, whether you like it or not. I love him; I love what we had and have, and continue to find value in our relationship. I am really excited to see where life happens to take us.

I leave to New York soon. I'm hella nervous, not gonna lie. I am excited to meet new people though, and rediscover myself a bit. I need it, I think.

This is getting borrrrring. I'm boring myself with this blog. Blawwwwwwh!

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